Definition and Usage. The <acronym> tag is not supported in HTML5. Use the <abbr> tag instead. The <acronym> tag defines an acronym. An acronym must spell out another word. For example: NASA, ASAP, GUI. Marking up acronyms can give useful information …
HTML <acronym> tag is used with title attribute to contain a full explanation of an acronym content. When you hover the mouse on content, then it will show the explanation of word. Note: The <acronym> tag has been depreciated in HTML5 and we can use <abbr> tag instead of <acronym>.
18 rows · The <acronym> tag allows the occurrence of an acronym to be identified. The acronym is …
What does <acronym> HTML Tag do? The <acronym> element and title attribute was used to associate a full-text explanation with an acronym. The <acronym> element has been deprecated in HTML5 and <abbr> should be used instead. Display inline Usage semantic | textual Code Example <acronym title="National Aeronautics and Space Administration">NASA</acronym>
Jul 02, 2018 · The acronym TAG (Title, Author, Genre) is a special teaching tool that is common to many English composition & literature classrooms. It's a useful and easy method of helping students formulate and craft thesis statements in their writings properly.
Acronym Definition; TAG: Techniques d'Avant-Garde (TAG Heuer) TAG: Technology Association of Georgia: TAG: Touch and Go (competitive go-karting) TAG: Technical Advisory Group: TAG: Text and Graphics: TAG: Talented And Gifted (school program) TAG: Tagalog (Filipino language) TAG
Looking for the definition of TAG? Find out what is the full meaning of TAG on! 'Technical Advisory Group' is one option -- get in to view more @ The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource.
The <abbr> tag defines an abbreviation or an acronym, like "HTML", "Mr.", "Dec.", "ASAP", "ATM". Tip: An abbreviation and an acronym are both shortened versions of something else. Both are often represented as a series of letters. Marking up abbreviations can give useful information to browsers, translation systems and search-engines.

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