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Nov 19, 2013 · I had a Gigabyte "gaming" mouse. It lasted for about a year, but coming in at $12(when I bought mine, about 3 years ago), it was pretty cool. It had a DPI switch and two extra mouse buttons near the thumb. In addition it had a nice ergonomic shape to it and rubber pads for where the thumb would rest.
The best gaming mouse really depends on many things, everyone will have different needs. If you want good mouse reviews, checkout RocketJumpNinja on Youtube. But the G903 from what I've heard is a pretty good mouse.
Apr 12, 2016 · As for the mouse, I can recommend the G600 MMO Mouse as it is amazingly more versatile than virtually any other mouse once you get used to it. If not, the G502 is also a very reliable mouse, albeit not as versatile. I realize a bit of that is over budget, but the G910 + G600 is an amazingly useful combo that I've used for a while now (and am ...
Inbetween my expensive gaming mouses (when they'd break or have other problems) I'd go back to that cheap mouse. After I bought my 3rd expensive "gaming" mouse, I was wondering why I had been using that Logitech mouse with no issues for 15+ years, and was on my 3rd gaming mouse in 6 years. So my next mouse was a Logitech gaming mouse.

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