Mouse Pointer Stuck In Computer Screen

Mar 10, 2018 · Many users reported cursor stuck on screen in Windows 10 – usually, on notebooks and laptops after they’ve been upgraded to Windows 10. The upgrade overwrites the existing drivers, therefore it may be possible that the drivers may have become incompatiable with the touchpad, hence why the cursor is stuck on screen.
Jul 17, 2017 · Mouse Cursor Shoots to top left corner of screen. The only thing that seems to solve it is completely shutting off the computer, then turning it back on. If I just hit restart the problem persists even when the computer turns back on; I have to actually shut down first. This happens regardless of whether I'm using the USB mouse, the trackpad,...
Sep 05, 2015 · Mouse Cursor Stuck. I just upgraded from 8.1 (brand new) and I can move my mouse cursor for a couple seconds then it freezes and starts showing a loading circle every few seconds. My Computer. Computer Type: Laptop. System Manufacturer/Model Number: ASUS x550za. OS: windows 10. CPU: AMD A10-7400P x4.
Jan 01, 2017 · Usually, this kind of mouse pointer problem is faced by the Windows users who use touch-based Windows laptop or desktop computers. If you are using Windows 8.1 laptop or desktop then sometimes you might encounter that mouse pointer automatically moves to upper-left corner of screen. Even, sometimes it clicks at the top corner without any touch.
May 15, 2014 · Cursor stuck at startup, HP tower, USB mouse. After unplugging mouse for cable adjustment, turning back computer on , cursor stuck in the middle of the screen. Tried different mouse same thing, cursor stuck. Please help. General Discussion: Black screen stuck after booting with mouse cursor Hi, After booting Window 7 stuck on black with mouse ...
Dec 17, 2017 · Re: mouse pointer is jumping to top right corner. With the power off, disconnect the power cord from the back of the computer. With the power off and the power cord disconnected, press the power button on the computer for 5 seconds. The power light indicator on or near the power button might turn on briefly but then go out.
May 26, 2013 · Hey all. Recently my computer's cursor started to freak out and constantly move on its own in a secluded corner of my desktop. It does not respond to my mouse movements and constantly returns back to the mentioned corner and moves rapidly on its own.
Jun 30, 2016 · It's almost as though it's pulling attention away from my primary mouse cursor, which still functions, but blinks and stutters and is semi-invisible. This second cursor is visible and stationary all the time, and changes along with the primary cursor (such as to an hourglass). This is the best screenshot I could get.
Re: Touchpad cursor stuck on screen I have a similar problem with a recently purchased Dell 1545. The cursor remains stuck in the middle of the screen and will not shift - …

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